From our experience setting up and maintaining a foreign subsidiary or branch can prove to be a time-consuming task. One has to become acquainted to local legislation and customs which more often than not distract you from focusing on your core business. Next to our advisory services we therefore offer so called Business Support to clients with the wish to establish or expand their operations in the Netherlands or the EU.

Business Support consists of the following tools and services:


Whether you have an existing Dutch company, or you are looking to setup your operations in the Netherlands we can assist you in the recruitment of staff. We maintain a so-called talent pool of highly qualified individuals who can be engaged as a director, investment advisor, financial controller or legal counsel at short notice. Are you looking for staff with specific qualifications then we can identify these individuals and introduce to them to you.

Our recruitment services can be summarised as follows:

Access to talent pool

Drafting of advertisement for positions outside of talent pool

Advertisement for positions

Screening and selection of candidates

Assistance with payroll administration

30% ruling for tax benefit

Salary payments

Draft labour contracts & administer labour contracts

Follow up on performance of candidates (HRM)

Organize work and residency permits

Organize insurances & administer insurances



If you are considering to establish a company in the Netherlands but lack knowledge on local legislation and common practices we can provide you with an operational framework guaranteeing the efficiency to the start of your European operations from day one.

Services we can provide for in this framework consist of:

Set-up of operational structure and corporate entities

Compliance to local legal and tax requirements

Implement corporate branding

Rental of office space

IT infrastructure

Office management

Access to a network of consultants

Search for investment opportunities

Recruitment services

Introduction of Board
Members & Staff

If you are looking for local representation in the management board of your Dutch company, we can introduce you to our talent pool for quick access to qualified managers with senior backgrounds in the field of banking, accounting, tax, supervisory agencies, administration, insurance, real estate and legal services. Should you require a manager with a specific background then we can set up a recruitment procedure for you. 


Dutch rules and regulations for renting and/ or buying a home can be complicated for foreigners as there is a difference between social housing with restricted allocation and housing for the free sector.

Our Housing services can consist of:

Find suitable housing for employees

Introduction to real estate agents or property owners

Negotiations with real estate agents or property owners

Support in communication during rental period